Dr. Martina Melzer, published: 05/12/2022, updated: 02/20/2023


 Is it possible to overcome ME/CFS and other syndromes such as fibromyalgia, POTS or IBS or at least significantly improve it? Yes, it is possible. But the road can be really rocky, you can get lost, end up in dead ends, have to look for new routes until you eventually reach your goal.

From my point of view, a holistic approach is necessary. You have to understand brain, mind and body as an inseparable unit and therefore turn various screws. According to everything I have read, learned, seen and heard, the following factors play a central role in the journey out of your mind-body-syndromes:


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To summarize: It's about finding the personal triggers that make you so exhausted, debilitated and cause all sorts of other symptoms. If you know your triggers, you usually have to turn your life upside down and fundamentally change something or a lot of things.