ME/CFS recovery: How Carola got well again

Dr. Martina Melzer, published: 11/26/2022



Carola Eißler is in the middle of life, works a lot, has stress. She is a trainer for non-violent communication, has trained as a systemic coach and works as a freelance journalist. Then comes a viral infection. She doesn't cure it properly. There is no time. She does not get better. Continuously she gets worse. Over time, more and more symptoms appear, including those so typical of ME/CFS. Then she becomes almost bedridden. After 4 months, she is diagnosed with ME/CFS.

In the video interview, she tells her story and shares what helped her overcome ME/CFS (video is in German, please activate the subtitle to watch in your language):


Key points about recovery from the interview:

  • Gupta Program: In a support group, another sufferer mentions the Gupta program. It helps her tremendously. "Gupta was the gamechanger for me," says Carola.
  • Mindset: Carola tells herself she will try anything, she has nothing to lose. It's important to her to have some fun despite her illness, to live, to focus on positive things, to maintain social contacts - all depending on her condition, of course. She has the attitude: it can be okay again. Let someone prove me wrong first. She also says that you have to believe in yourself and not relinquish control.
  • Behavioral therapy has helped her a lot to get to know herself and her personality traits, to learn how to say no, etc.
  • She regularly goes to craniosacral therapy.
  • She found nutritional supplements such as B vitamins helpful.
  • Pacing was an important component.
  • Emotional work with anxiety, grief, and other feelings she was suppressing contributed to her recovery.
  • Books and authors she recommends: Michael Singer: The Surrender Experiment + The Soul Wants to Be Free; videos by Joe Dispenza, books by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Kelly A. Turner
  • Her message: don't sink into the "problem trance," as her therapist called it. Not to surrender interpretive authority. Have courage, take recovery into your own hands. Try everything. Do not give up.

That's how you find Carola Eißler:
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