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I am Martina. I am a pharmacist, have a doctor in human biology, work as a journalist and have had ME/CFS since 2009. It took me a decade to get this diagnosis. One clearly communicated to me: This is a chronic disease, there is no cure, you have to learn to cope with it. Whew. That was tough.

Since it felt like no one knew about my disease, I decided to post about ME/CFS on Instagram. I wanted to raise awareness and find others who were going through the same thing I was. My account is called: @mein_weg_cfs. My way (German: mein Weg) because first, it changed the course of my life so drastically. Second, because I secretly hoped I could somehow fight my way back out of it.

In fact, I found people who had completely recovered from ME/CFS. Were able to live normal lives again. Wow, I want that too, I thought to myself. I pounced like crazy on Instagram accounts, blogs, books, YouTube channels. Did one course after another. At some point, it was clear to me: I will get well. I don't know how, but somehow I'll manage it.

In the meantime, I have significantly improved my condition and am on my path to recovery. No matter how long it takes. Since I find it extremely frustrating that the topic of potential recovery or cure from this disease is so unseen, 2021 I came up with the idea of doing a blog. To spread hope. To inspire people to take control of their lives. To question it. And to point out possible strategies that might help one or the other.

Of course, the blog should be called: "I will get well", just like my motto. I was lucky, the address was still available. I also wanted a more general name, because I am sure that people who suffer from exhaustion due to other illnesses can also benefit from the strategies. And I would like to deepen my knowledge in this regard - whenever I have time and energy for it.

If even one sentence on this page helps just one person, the whole (not inconsiderable) effort has been worth it for me! And someday it will say here: I am healthy again!

Yours Martina


PS: Since my English is not that perfect, I use the help of a translator program as a support.


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