4 first steps for your recovery


Dr. Martina Melzer, published: 11/15/23


Important information in advance:


  • In the case of so-called mind-body syndromes, special examinations often reveal abnormalities, but there is usually no damage to organs or tissue.
  • Always have any new symptoms checked thoroughly by a doctor. It can be caused by mind-body syndrome, but also another illness, or it can be a combination of both.

There are now countless resources that deal with the topic of recovery from mind-body syndromes such as ME/CFS, Long Covid, post-vac syndrome, fibromyalgia or irritable bowel syndrome. From Instagram accounts, YouTube channels and podcasts to the entire recovery programs. This is great, but it can also be overwhelming – especially at the beginning of the recovery journey.

Looking back on my own journey, I find four first steps to be very helpful:


Acquire knowledge

The more you understand what you have, the better you can help yourself! Gain as much knowledge as you can - whether that's on my channels or elsewhere. Deal with topics such as neuroplasticity, autonomic nervous system, psychoneuroimmunology. Learn from other recovery stories.

Promote self-awareness

As you better understand what survival mode is all about and how stress and trauma led to it, it is important to increase self-awareness. How do you know when you're in survival mode? And how do you notice when you are in healthy nervous system mode? What triggers your symptoms? What scares you? What do you avoid because of your symptoms? Train your self-awareness!

Set goals

Set yourself a long-term goal, for example your recovery. And set yourself many small milestones that will bring you closer to your final goal. Goals are important. Motivate you. They will help you to persevere through what may be a long and difficult road to recovery. They help you not to give up. Ask yourself: Why do I want to get healthy? What am I doing this for?

Align the mindset towards recovery

Very important at the beginning of the recovery journey: the mindset. Many people with ME/CFS, Long Covid or fibromyalgia are completely desperate and hopeless. I can understand that very well. In order to fight your way out of these syndromes, it is extremely important to have hope. To firmly believe that recovery is possible, that you can get well again.

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Important: The statements in this text are the result of my research from scientific studies, professional articles, books, courses, education and training as well as my own recovery process. I have done the best possible research, but nevertheless make no claim to accuracy. In science, something is considered a hypothesis until it is clearly proven (or disproven). That is then evidence, a fact. The statements in this text are a combination of hypotheses and facts.

Also, the content on this page is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for talking to your doctor or other therapist. Please talk to your doctor or therapist before making any decisions about your physical or mental health. Every way into a mind-body syndrome is something individual, and every way out.