Words of hope for you

Dr. Martina Melzer, published: 12/08/23


If you're not feeling well at the moment, are in the middle of another crash or are in the middle of your recovery journey and are not making any progress, then perhaps a few words of hope would help you. A few positive and motivating messages from people who are already completely or almost healthy again. They know what it's like.

I asked a few of these people, who are also very committed to spreading hope, to write a few words for you. You can find them here. You can also download them as a PDF.

„You are stronger than you think and you can do this! There is hope!“

Anna, Podcast „Blühende Gesundheit“, @_blooming_health (Instagram)

„Christmas is a time of hope and wishes. There is a way out! You can do it! I wish you that!“

Franzi, www.the-mindbody-way.de, @the.mindbody.way (Instagram)

„I would like to send you lots of strength, hope and energy from the bottom of my heart. Please remember: even if it feels dark for you at the moment, you will make your way out!“

Kathi, www.wieder-aufladen.at, @wiederaufladen_fatigue (Instagram)

„Your paths are unique! Draw your strength and power from them!“

Nadine, www.eine-mefs-genesung.de, @eine.mecfs.genesung (Instagram)

„Don't forget: you are a superhero without a cape!“

Caroline, Podcast „Superhelden ohne Cape“, @superheldenohnecape (Instagram)

„There is a way out. Are you ready to take it? Even if it challenges you? I have walked this path. If I can do it, you can do it too!“



The hopeful word for you as a PDF to download!
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Important: the content on this page is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for talking to your doctor or other therapist. Please talk to your doctor or therapist before making any decisions about your physical or mental health. Every way into a mind-body syndrome is something individual, and every way out.