ME/CFS & POTS: Lena's road to recovery

Dr. Martina Melzer, published: 12/06/2022


Lena Arndt is in the middle of life: studying, working a part-time job, meeting friends. Then she gets glandular fever in 2015 - and has to stop everything. She is too sick. A classic marathon with doctors begins. After about two years, she is diagnosed with ME/CFS. Even though it has not been diagnosed, she is sure that she also has POTS. She is also diagnosed with celiac disease, which is gluten intolerance.

In the video interview, Lena shares how a special therapy helped her recover from ME/CFS and POTS, that her gut has also healed, and why she became a mind-body coach (in German, please activate the subtitle to watch in your language):


Key points about recovery from the interview:

  • She stumbled onto the topic of healing by soaking up everything there was on the internet about recovery and then saying to herself, "I'll just do whatever they did.“
  • Mickel therapy: she found the recovery story of a woman who had cured her ME/CFS with this therapy - and this woman lived around the corner from her and now offered the therapy herself as a therapist. Lena was accompanied by this woman for six months and learned to deal with her emotions. She learned that there are thought-generated emotions and authentic ones, that you have to access the authentic ones and act on them. She says, "These emotions are our inner compass, listen to them".
  • Mindset: Lena focused only on Mickel therapy and blanked out everything negative about ME/CFS, she also didn't look for how many people the therapy helped or didn't help, but knew "this will heal me".
  • Everything she tried before - for example supplements, diet, Chinese herbs - did not help her.
  • After 6 months of therapy, she felt much better and found her way back into life. After a good year and a half, she had no more symptoms.
  • Her intestines had also healed, a recent examination at the doctor's office showed! She continues to eat a gluten-free diet, but emphasizes that from her perspective, the diet had no impact on her ME/CFS recovery. Rather, on a deeper emotional level, her work not only healed her ME/CFS, but also helped her gut heal.
  • Lena Arndt is a mind-body coach and offers Mickel therapy as a therapist. The therapy is now called "Mind-Body-Reconnect Therapy" and is aimed at people with ME/CFS and related syndromes such as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, as well as anxiety disorders and depression.

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  • Lena's message: ME/CFS is curable! Get away from the term "incurable." So many people have recovered.

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