Long Covid: Irma's road to recovery

Dr. Martina Melzer, published: 08/21/2023


In 2022, Irma Ederer gets Covid-19. The infection is mild, so she doesn't have to go to the hospital. She doesn't really feel well after that, but well enough to manage a bike ride lasting several days and to get through the start of school. But in the weeks and months that follow, Irma has extreme exhaustion, leg pain, arm pain, headaches, brainfog, sleep problems and more. She goes to the family doctor. He speaks of "pubertal exhaustion". Irma intuitively knows that no, this is something else. She does research, looks into Long Covid and ME/CFS. Without a doubt, she has Long Covid. Doctors confirm that.

In the video interview, the young woman talks about how Long Covid went for her, how she still participated in school classes, and all the things that helped her recover. Please activate the subtitle to get a translation of the interview!

Key recovery points:

  • She did pacing.
  • She used the Fimo Health app to track her symptoms (German).


  • Noise cancelling headphones helped with her noise sensitivity.
  • Supplements such as magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin D and coenzyme Q10 she found helpful (she still takes).
  • A heavy blanket improved sleep.
  • She did relaxation exercises, meditated, visualized. She says, "I became a more relaxed person."
  • According to Irma, the main focus was on mindset, mental work and stress management. She asked herself: What is stressing me out? How can I avoid stress? What takes the pressure away of me? She opened up to her illness, adapted her life to the illness, accepted the illness, asked herself how she could be happy despite the illness, what new hobbies she could find. Irma says, "I had rearranged my life so that I could live this way in the long run, it took the pressure away of me to get well."
  • She looked at the websites of various recovery programs, especially the Gupta program, but then didn't do it, but simply internalized the recovery strategies mentioned there.
  • Helpful resources:

        YouTube channel "CFS Recovery“:

        YouTube channel „Raelan Agle“:

        YouTube channel "Marla Menn" (German):

        My YouTube Channel (yeah:-))

        Podcast "Visa Vie - Fighting Long Covid" (German):

  • A special homeopathic oil helped her with her leg pain.
  • She found out that she´s intolerant to gluten so she avoids gluten.
  • Social support and contact with friends played an important role. Her advice, "You have to talk about it and people will understand you."

Irma's message: You don't have to be unhappy just because you're sick. You can also be happy and grateful with illness, accept it, change your life, change - and not see time as a lost opportunity.

Translated with the helpf of www.DeepL


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