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Dr. Martina Melzer, published: 09/25/2023


Important notes up front:

  • With so-called mind-body syndromes, abnormalities are often found in special examinations, but there is usually no organ or tissue damage.
  • Always have new symptoms thoroughly clarified by a doctor. It may be mind-body syndrome, but it may also be another disease, or it may be a combination of both.

What is mind-body syndrome?

Mind-body syndrome is a stress and trauma disorder. "Mind-body" does not mean that everything is "psychosomatic." Rather, the brain and nervous system are in survival mode. This affects them mentally, emotionally, physically, and on the behavioral level, and can be explained by psychoneuroimmunology.

Forms of mind-body syndrome include: ME/CFS, Long Covid / Post Covid Syndrome (without tissue damage), Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, POTS, Migraine, Post Vaccine Syndrome (without tissue damage), Chronic Lyme Disease, Burnout. More in the article "Mind-Body Syndromes".

Learn how stress and trauma throw the brain and nervous system out of balance in this article:

What is Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology?

This barely pronounceable medical term means: your psyche, your emotions, your thoughts, are inextricably linked to your autonomic nervous system, hormonal system and immune system. All systems influence each other. They are one. You cannot see them separately.

Stress, adverse childhood experiences and/or trauma have a mental impact - that's the impact on the psyche. And they affect physically - by upsetting the autonomic nervous system, the hormonal system and the immune system.

The autonomic nervous system goes into survival mode - either into the unhealthy range of the sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight mode) or the unhealthy range of the parasympathetic nervous system (shutdown mode), also called the vagus nerve, or into an in-between state (freeze mode). This stimulates the so-called HPA axis to release stress hormones and messenger substances. These communicate with the immune system, which is why it is usually activated at first, but in the long run becomes weakened or out of balance.

And that's what makes all your symptoms. It explains why they can be so varied. And it explains where all the abnormalities in special tests come from.

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Important: The statements in this text are the result of my research from scientific studies, professional articles, books, courses, education and training as well as my own recovery process. I have done the best possible research, but nevertheless make no claim to accuracy. In science, something is considered a hypothesis until it is clearly proven (or disproven). That is then evidence, a fact. The statements in this text are a combination of hypotheses and facts.

Also, the content on this page is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for talking to your doctor or other therapist. Please talk to your doctor or therapist before making any decisions about your physical or mental health. Every way into a mind-body syndrome is something individual, and every way out.