Photo: Ivonne Mönch
Photo: Ivonne Mönch

hi, i'm martina!

Do you have a mind-body syndrome such as ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, post-Covid syndrome (long Covid), POTS, burnout or irritable bowel syndrome?


 I know what that's like. I had several syndromes myself for almost 15 years. But I also know from my own experience that recovery is possible.


 Would you like to identify the stress factors in your life, reduce them and promote your health?


 As a mind-body coach, I can help you become more stress-resistant and feel healthier again. I will accompany you on your journey.

my focus




Knowledge is the basis for promoting your health.


More about knowledge.

The right mindset will support you on your way.


More about the mindset.


A healthy lifestyle promotes your health.


More about lifestyle.


brain training

Brain training is neuroplasticity in action.


More about brain retraining.


inner work

Inner work helps you to understand your personality. Important: This doesn´t replace psychotherapy.


More about inner work.


my offer

Do you only want selective support? Then I recommend individual coaching.

 1:1 individual coaching

 80.- Euro for 60 minutes (without VAT until further notice)

 Would you like me to accompany you on your journey for a while? Then I recommend the coaching package.

 1:1 coaching package

 280.- Euro for 4 x 60 minutes (= 70 Euro per hour = 12,5 % discount, until further notice without VAT)


The coaching sessions take place online via Zoom.

 Alternatively or in addition, you can do the "Mind-Body-Balance - Program" online in self-study.


my expertise

My expertise lies firstly in my own history of illness and recovery.

 Secondly, I have completed training in... coaching

 ...mental training

 ...user training in practical neuroplasticity and mind-body medicine

 ...polyvagal-informed coaching

 ...stress management

 I have completed further training on the following topics, among others...

 ...burnout symptoms and prevention

 ...polyvagal theory

 ...and more.


I am currently training to become a TRE provider (neurogenic tremoring, TRE).

 I keep my knowledge as up to date as possible and am constantly expanding it.

 More about me.

make an appointment

Are you interested in a free and non-binding 30 minute introductory meeting per Zoom? Then send me an email using the contact form!


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Important: Coaching does not replace individual diagnosis, advice and treatment by doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists. The content of coaching sessions cannot be used to make independent diagnoses or to carry out or discontinue medical or psychotherapeutic treatment without consulting a doctor. The coaching sessions serve as an aid to self-help.